Are We Connecting?

Are We Connecting?

How to Really Communicate in Relationships


Connection and communication with yourself

Being conscious and aware of your mind, your body

and your spirit

Listening deeply to yourself—your mind, your body

and your spirit

Reflecting, wondering, being curious

Loving yourself



Being aware of your thoughts

Using curiosity instead of judgment

Coming from your responsive brain rather

than your reactive brain

Living in the moment rather than in the past

or in the future



Being aware of your feelings

Handling your feelings without exploding or


Reclaiming instinct/gut reactions—the deep

knowing that is in your body

Maintaining your energy

Caring for yourself



Being aware of the Divine in your life

Experiencing your own spiritual journey

Bringing love and awareness to everything

you do

Living your values

Seeking your own purpose in life


Connection and communication with others

Being conscious and aware of the other person—

their mind, their body, their spirit

Listening deeply to the other person—their mind,

their body, their spirit

Reflecting, wondering, being curious

Loving the other person



Maintaining awareness of the Divine in the

other person

Experiencing relationship as a sacred calling,

a spiritual path

Letting your energy flow to another

Opening to connection and risking intimacy

Deciding to be fully in the relationship

Deciding to be with the person as they are,

not as you wish they were

Devoting yourself fully to the other person

and the relationship

Developing yourself in the context of the


Setting intention and consciously creating

something together



Using I messages

Being deeply honest with yourself and the

other person

Maintaining an attitude of curiosity

Expressing appreciation

Using Receptive listening—Relaxing and


Reflecting on the other’s perspective


Relinquishing attempts at control

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