Managed Care

Managed Care and Your Therapy Choices


Managed Care has had a tremendous impact on the mental health field. Just as it has taken decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients in the medical field, it has taken decisions out of the hands of therapists and clients. Managed Care companies pay for short-term, “medically necessary” therapy with certain “providers.” They require a diagnosis and a lot of information about your mental health that will be in the system forever.


As a therapist, I have chosen not to be a managed care provider. I am willing to slide my fees to make therapy more affordable and keep the decisions about your therapy in your hands.


Short-term therapy can be very beneficial for specific problems. Whether you see a managed care provider or me, you will probably feel better after 4-6 sessions, sometimes sooner. If managed care is paying, therapy stops at this time. If you are seeing me, you can decide to stop or you can stay and look at underlying issues that led to the problem and that may be interfering with you having the life you want.


Managed care is concerned with the treatment of illness. Therapy is about exploration and personal growth. Managed care will probably not be of much help if your concerns include:


Living more fully in the moment

Making choices that bring the best into your life

Dealing with grief, pain and suffering

Knowing and expressing your authentic self

Having vital, long-lasting relationships

Finding work that is meaningful to you

Walking a spiritual path congruent with who you are now

Making a difference in our world


If you are interested in health and growth, consider leaving managed care and investing in yourself and your life. When you are ready to use therapy as a resource for creating a better life, give me a call. My contact information is at the bottom of each page.

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